Beginning a branding project is exciting and an incredibly important part of your business’s journey. Your logo and brand identity are some of the most important visual pieces of your business so it’s important to get it right. Thankfully, you have selected a trusted graphic designer who is an expert in their field. They can help guide you toward options that are in line with your brand and will be most effective at speaking your brand’s language.


Show up to your initial chat with examples of brands, websites or logos that pique your interest. We will help you navigate if they align with your brand and will come to the table with ideas of our own on how to properly capture your brand’s identity and speak to your target audience.


When asking friends and family for feedback on your initial logo concepts, keep your circle small. Try to stick to sharing your logo for feedback with only one or two trusted friends. It’s great to get an outsider perspective but those individuals haven’t been in the trenches with you, discovering your brand’s identity and goals. Don’t lose sight of the purpose behind your logo concepts. Your designer is making intentional decisions regarding layout, fonts, and colors that align with your brand and effectively speak to your audience.


If something really isn’t jiving with you, say something. Your designer will be grateful if you voice your concerns and give them the opportunity to redirect your concepts rather than have you unhappy with the final result. Our main goal is to create a brand that effectively captures your business, speaks to your audience and gives you all the warm fuzzy feelings.

The process of establishing your brand identity and designing your logo is exciting but it can also become overwhelming without the proper guidance. Reach out if you have questions about the branding journey with the 507 team. We strive to give each of our clients the tools and support they need to grow their business with confidence, starting with a detailed strategy and an irresistible brand.