One thing we hear from business owners quite often is how they struggle to stay active and engaged on their social media pages. We get it. Juggling the demands of running a growing business makes posting on your Facebook page take the backseat, but if you don’t keep your audience informed, you miss a great opportunity for creating a strong + engaged audience that will help your company thrive.

So, how do you create an awesome social presence that is intentional and effective, while also maintaining your sanity and a semblance of a work-life balance? We’re glad you asked! The trick is to use a combination of real time and scheduled social content. Let’s dive into the difference between the two, the unique value they provide, and how to implement them.


In our experience, these posts are the ones that audiences love. They show your team in action and give a glimpse into the wonderful work you do together. Let’s say you own a bike shop and you’re working on a common issue that you see with a lot of bikes. This is a great time to say, “Hey, I bet our social audience could really benefit from seeing how I fix this problem!” So you jump on Instagram, start a live, and save it to your library to serve as content that your audience can look back on. Or, maybe you run a manufacturing company and your team is going offsite for the day to volunteer. Grab some photos to throw onto your Facebook page and tag your team members so they can share it with their networks, too.

These are just some quick ways to engage with real time social that really only take a few minutes to complete, but that will serve your company very well in terms of community engagement.



We love consistency, and this is why scheduling social posts is an important part of managing your social media pages. Depending on your industry, you might not have time each day to post real time content, or maybe you’re just too caught up in a project to remember to do it. Don’t sweat it! You don’t have to post on social multiple times every day, and depending on your industry, we wouldn’t even recommend that. Instead, post in real time when it is the right content, and then breathe easy with scheduled content for the consistency you are looking for.

Tools like HootsuiteSocialPilot, and Buffer make scheduling social posts across your networks super easy. Check them out and give one a try for the next month so you can see how easy it is to block off a little time each month to schedule out some content.



Finally, let’s talk the who, what, and when to post.

Who is posting for you. There are a few different setups you can try for the who of posting. Maybe you have an intern you can assign the task of creating and managing real time and scheduled social content each week. If not, you can hire an agency to create your scheduled content and you can take the lead on posting the real time stuff.

What to post. For scheduled content, we typically recommend a mix of original content (here is a project we just completed), third-party content (here is an article that shares some information on projects like ours), and calls to action (hire us for your project!). Real time content doesn’t really have a ratio that needs to be followed. Just ask yourself if it’s something your audience might enjoy or find informative and throw it out there.

When to post. This is totally dependent on your industry and what you’re able to do. Typically, 2-4 scheduled posts per week mixed with 2-4 real time posts is a good mix to start. If you’re in an industry where stories (short videos) work with what you’re doing, then you could even do those 1-2 times per day if you have the capacity to do so.

We hope you find this guide helpful as you take your social media presence to the next level!