Hey everyone, I’m Lauren! I am a Content Management Specialist, which means I handle all things content. From blog writing to social media campaign creation, I have a hand in communications for each client at any given time.

I am an extrovert through and through, and love making connections with others – personally and professionally. When it comes to the things I’m passionate about, I give 100% of myself to them. This includes social media and animal rescue, as well as athletics and traveling. My family jokes that I am either moving at 0 or 100mph, there is no in-between. I love to be on the run exploring all the world has to offer, learning, experiencing, and seeing.

I am a social media guru. I have spent the last four years of my career honing in on this craft, and have a true love for content creation and copywriting. I also have a passion for photography and have appreciated the opportunity to bring that into my work. When I’m not on social media professionally, I enjoy playing around with my own personal pages and have even developed quite a following on Instagram for my dog, Ridge.

Passion is at the forefront of everything I do and is what motivates me in my role. I’ve always known that to succeed professionally I would have to be doing something I loved, or my heart wouldn’t be in it. 507 has given me the opportunity to continue developing my talent in this field, that at one point felt like a pipe dream. It is still hard to believe that I have found a career path that allows me to do what I love while getting paid for it.

I love the creative thinking my job requires. Every client presents a different challenge – in order to be successful, I have to get to know our brands and the people behind them, individually, and find what makes each one tick. Whether it’s their vision for the future, their mission, or their new products and services, I love truly getting behind their brand with them to ensure a successful partnership.