That subtle smile that you get when you walk into that candlelit, moody cocktail lounge; the instant sense of relief when you look at a website for the exact service you’ve been looking for; the connection you feel with that small business you follow closely on Instagram.

This, my friend, is your brand.

While branding is often synonymous with a thoughtful logo design or set of colors, a true brand is the heart and soul of a business. It builds an intoxicating relationship between you and your ideal audience and enables you to far surpass your organizational vision and goals.

As you build your business, there are three fundamental steps that you can focus on to provide clarity around and fully leverage your brand, each of which our team has used to build our approach and services to best support our clients.

The first – and undeniably most important – is to intentionally build your strategy; the foundation for your brand that will guide every element of your business

At the core, the strategy should clearly define who you are, the purpose you serve, and how your target market should feel when they’re interacting with your brand in any way.

What makes an intentional brand so powerful? Purposefully branding your business sets the stage for everything you do with that solid foundation in place. Not only will your brand be aesthetically pleasing, but because of the focus on strategy from the start, every avenue of your business will match its visual counterpart in a meaningful and effective way.

Creating an intentional brand means choosing colors, typography, and other design selections not only because they look nice, but because the align with your brand’s values, personality, and the way you want people to feel when they interact with it.

From your website to your commercial space, combining design + functionality work to emulate that brand strategy.

Specifically when thinking of interior design, people tend to focus solely on how the space looks; the purely physical elements. While this is a crucial component, interior design is so much more than that. Intentional design significantly impacts how the space feels and functions; how your customers can interact with your brand while in your space.

Creating complete and thoughtful interior design enables brands to instantly connect with and create a lasting loyalty with their ideal target market. Truly distinct to the interior design industry, our team is honored to approach design in a way that results in an attractive physical space that emulates the brand, successfully functions, and provides the intended atmosphere.

Finally, building and maintaining a relationship through marketing and client experience based on your brand has the power to create an unwavering loyalty and directly support your overall business goals.

Enter: Branded marketing. These tools have completely changed the way consumers and businesses look at marketing. Your target market now has direct access to your team through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They sign up for email campaigns to stay updated on your business and follow your blog posts to learn about your products or services. They’re looking to you to provide value, share insight, and connect with them on a personal level.

Ensuring that the material you’re sending them aligns with your brand should be top priority. From the words and imagery you’re using to the way you interact with them in direct messages or comments, every piece should feel like it belongs. This is how you develop intentional, integrated marketing that bridges the gap between your brand with the world.

Businesses who invest the time into truly defining each element of their brand can instantly attract with their ideal target market and drive business goals, ensuring long-term success.

– Kovly Studio Team