Trending. A word those of us in the marketing world may have a love/hate relationship with. While trends can be fun, we strive to create brands and designs that are as timeless as they are beautiful. But ignoring trends entirely would be a nail in the coffin for any business looking to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of marketing. Trends are an excellent option for those looking to refresh or rebrand in the new year.

On that note, say hello to a few of our favorite 2023 graphic design trends.


It’s time to let the serif shine! After seeing the rise of clean and simple sans-serif fonts throughout brands in recent years, it’s time to breathe life and personality back into your branding with fun serif fonts. Here are a few we’re currently crushing on: Marigold, Kinfolk, New York, and Cormorant.


What do you get when you pair modern design with natural elements? In 2023, you’d be well on your way to a successful brand. With sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly efforts being at the forefront of the market, consumers are looking for easier ways to identify which brands fit their values. Natural modernism allows consumers to subconsciously recognize a brand with practices that align with their own beliefs.


Tell your story. Evoke emotion. Take your clients on a journey through photography that works with your design, not against it. As consumers continue to seek out brands that are increasingly ‘human’, stock imagery will continue to fall by the wayside as custom, personalized photography takes the front seat. Aspects such as colors, aesthetics, and editing style will contribute to a seamless, enjoyable experience for all who interact with your brand.

When it comes to trends, choose wisely and don’t overdo it. If used appropriately, they can make a big impact on your brand and positively influence your consumer.