As a marketing firm with an interior design division, we take a unique approach to identifying trends that correlate between a business’s brand and physical space. Every year, we see interior design trends come and go, but there are impactful ways to utilize elements of them throughout your business. With a meaningful approach that considers your brand’s aesthetic and overall guidelines, you can implement trends both strategically and effectively.

With this in mind, here are a few of our favorite commercial interior design trends this year.

  1. Moody Hues. Oh, the drama! Dark, earthy hues are making a comeback, and it’s not just for masculine spaces. Think Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore, Benjamin Moore’s Dark Harbor, or our designer’s personal favorite, London Clay by Farrow & Ball. These darker tones bring a cozy, embracing feel to commercial spaces. From a comfy corner booth to a private dressing room, there are many ways to integrate this trend into your commercial space.
  2. Natural Elements. Incorporating elements like wood, stone, linen, and rattan is a trend we hope isn’t going anywhere fast. Their inherent beauty, paired with the sustainability factor that comes with natural features, makes them a smart choice for businesses focusing on being environmentally friendly. Similarly, items made from recycled materials also fit in this category. Pair with natural light and fresh greenery to maximize the naturality of your space.
  3. Statement Lighting. Bring personality into your office or retail space with statement light fixtures. A light fixture can do so much more for a space than simply providing light – think of it as a unique focal point that catches a client’s eye, encourages thought and inspiration, and adds an artistic touch to the space. This is also a great way to use the natural elements mentioned above as well: from rattan to bamboo and even paper shades, get creative and think outside the box.
  4. Glass Dividers. Division doesn’t have to feel small or stuffy. By using glass doors and dividers, you can create separation without ruining the open feel and natural light of a commercial area. Whether it’s for a personal office, conference room, or shopping section, consider this option to allow for privacy in a functional yet stylish way.
  5. Mixing Old + New. Pairing old design elements like brick walls with modern updates like furniture, décor pieces, or paint is a fun way to update a space’s look without removing the character of a building. Allow yourself to get creative when refreshing an older space with new features.

When it comes to trends, thoughtfully determine what works best for your business, brand, and budget. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t force it. Keep in mind that commercial interior design should evoke feelings and emotions that fit the product or service you’re offering.

“Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated.” – Paul Rand