If you’ve been following us long, you’ve probably heard us mention marketing management. But unless you’ve gone through our brand and marketing strategy process; you may not be familiar with what we’re referring to. Our bread and butter, marketing management includes ongoing support of your digital marketing efforts, and a scope of work is custom created based on your target market’s demographics, where they’re spending time online, and your yearly goals and budget.



Below we walk through what a scope of work might contain when you work with Kōvly Studio in a marketing management capacity.

  1. Organic social media – We often hear, “can your team help us with our social media?” And our answer is always, “YES.” After working through our strategy process, our team can help create and schedule consistent content and manage engagement on your social media pages. We focus on creating content that aligns with your brand tone, aesthetic, and season determined during the strategy.
  2. Targeted digital advertising – One of our favorite offerings, digital ads meet your audience wherever they’re spending time online. These monthly ads are a great driver for brand awareness, traffic, and conversions and allow us to specifically target your ideal customer through demographics, behaviors, and interests. You choose your budget, and our team handles the rest!
  3. Email campaigns – Both effective and eye-catching, email campaigns are a huge player when it comes to having a successfully integrated marketing mix. They drive traffic to your website whether you’re sharing a blog post, insider tips, e-commerce, or features (to name a few.) Our team handles the design, copywriting, and scheduling for you.
  4. Blog writing – Blogs may feel like more work than what they’re worth for a busy entrepreneur, but they’re something we love to take on for our clients. Blogs drive SEO, website traffic, and build trust with your consumers. It’s a wonderful strategy to become a thought leader in the industry and provide education for your ideal customers.
  5. Tools and resources – Along with the above offerings, we also provide marketing management clients with a resources library, access to our project management tool, 24/7 access to digital analytics, a monthly marketing report, and a monthly one-hour business consultation.
  6. Brand collateral and graphic design services – As-needed support on marketing collateral such as billboard design, ad design, print materials, mailers, and more are also available to our ongoing management clients.
  7. Brand photography – Our clients also have access to our brand photographer and can book sessions with her for anything from commercial photography to headshots for the team. This photography helps elevate your brand by creating a consistent, personalized feel for everything from your business cards to your website.
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – As a part of our fully integrated approach, we also assist our clients with search optimization, which allows you to connect with your target market when they are searching for products or services.

As business owners, you’re already wearing one too many hats, and marketing can often fall by the wayside to more pressing or urgent tasks. Our strategy-first process ensures everything is in alignment from the work your internal team is doing to the support we provide. Our goal is to take the responsibility of having successful, consistent, and integrated marketing off your plate. Learn more about our marketing management offerings.

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