Brand photography plays a big role in how your customers feel when interacting with your business. We’ve all heard the saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” so we’re here to help you make it count. The photography you choose is typically the first thing that catches a person’s eye, from your social media posts, to your webpage or even in an advertisement. Whether you’re a business owner or a photographer, we’re sharing a few tips to help you get the most out of your next photo shoot.


  1. Have a clear vision. Know your goals for the shoot before it begins. Do you want photos of your team, your facility, your customers? Sitting down and talking through what the purpose of the shoot is will be immensely helpful before you start snapping photos.
  2. Choose a location. Before the shoot, select a location that speaks to you and your brand. If your brand is laid-back or casual, don’t take photos in a formal setting, and vice versa. This will set the tone for the shoot so select wisely. If it’s outdoors, be sure to think carefully about which season resonates with your brand (and check on the weather).
  3. Form a shot list. Putting together a list of your must-have shots will ensure the shoot stays productive and organized. This will also guarantee that none of the shots you need for your website, marketing efforts, or other uses will get missed along the way.
  4. Determine where the photos will be used. You’ve got your game plan, your shot list, and your location. Now it’s time to think about where your photos will be used. Are there spots on your website where you need a specific image, format, or orientation? Maybe the images are for social media, and you want them to fit in a 1:1 square. Having this specified ahead of time will be helpful in getting what you need out of the shoot.
  5. Create a mood board. This is the fun part. Now that you have the logistics out of the way, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. Think of your brand, your business, and your team – how should they be represented? What do you envision these photos looking like? Build out an inspiration board with things like images, colors, and textures to get the ideas rolling.
  6. Incorporate your brand. Last but certainly not least, it is imperative that you incorporate your brand into your photoshoot. This is what ranks your photos above stock imagery. Look at aspects like your color palette, style, and personality. Wear clothes and bring props based on this. Everything should make sense together as well as on its own.

Confidently head into your next shoot with these pointers in mind, and watch the day go seamlessly. (And a couple more helpful tips before we go, charge your battery AND don’t forget the SD card.)

We offer our clients the opportunity to work hand in hand with our brand photographer to bring their imagery to life. We use the information gathered through the strategy process to create a plan that considers all aspects of your brand. Clients may come to us with photography needs such as professional headshots or photos of their work environment, products and/or services offered, internal processes, and more. We work with you to create a completely custom shoot that perfectly aligns with your brand.