With the growth our business has experienced, we knew that it was time to move into a larger, more functional office space. While our office at 613 N Riverfront will always hold a special place in our hearts, we are eager to move into our suite within the Bridge Plaza building in downtown Mankato.

The Vision
We had some very specific goals for our next space. From adding a design library with ample storage to incorporating a conference room and private office to better support client and team meetings, we were very intentional about how to best use every inch of space in our new suite.

“On any given day, our space may be used for multiple client meetings, design working sessions, and client photoshoots. We designed our suite to be able to support all of these simultaneously so that our team can work efficiently and clients can feel that elevated, comfortable experience we strive for.”
– Brittany

The Brand
Beyond functionality, we wanted our brand to come to life within the space. Our interior designer, Molly, developed the design direction to create an aesthetic that will feel comfortable, upscale, understated, and refined.

Intentional Design Selection
While we wanted the space to feel minimalist and clean, we also wanted to create some depth and interest throughout. Bold charcoal cabinetry (KS Designs) paired with timeless granite, a custom stone fireplace (Vetter Stone) alongside modern soft seating with mixed, luxe textiles; we intentionally created memorable moments and sources of inspiration within each area of the suite.

With pre-construction and design completed, construction is underway. We can’t wait to share each step of the journey with the Kōvly Studio community.