What is a brand? To quote our founder, a brand is the “subtle smile that you get when you walk into that candlelit, moody cocktail lounge; the instant sense of relief when you look at a website for the exact service you’ve been looking for; the connection you feel with that small business you follow closely on Instagram.”

A brand is more than a pretty logo and your favorite colors. It is the heart and soul of your business. Your brand is a roadmap that leads your efforts in an intentional, fully integrated way. When reflecting on your own business, ask yourself these questions. This will guide you in developing your unique, personalized brand.


  1. What do you want to be known for?
    • What reputation do you want to have amongst your clients and competitors? How should the market interpret your service or product?
  1. What is your core purpose?
    • Why is it that you do what you do? What difference are you making in the market?
  1. What makes you stand head and shoulders above your competition?
    • These are your key differentiators. What separates you from other people offering the same thing?
  1. Who are your most profitable clients?
    • Who is your ideal client? Who do you like to work with most?
  2. When people are interacting with your brand, how should they feel? Jot down six to nine descriptor words.
    • This is your brand essence.


Once you’ve completed this exercise, you should be able to accurately create your brand tone and voice and visual aspects of your brand, such as color palette, typography, and aesthetics. The brand is the foundation of your business; it should be felt in every interaction, whether it’s a client stepping through the door, opening a package, or exploring your website.

This is a peek inside what the team at Kōvly Studio can help you with. Our strategy-first, seamless experience allows us to work collaboratively on every element, including brand development and marketing strategy, website design, digital marketing, and commercial interior design.

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