Do you feel like your brand is no longer resonating with your ideal target market? If your branding feels tired or outdated, you may be considering a refresh or rebrand for your organization. Many factors play into each option, but which suits your needs? We’re here to provide clarity so you can determine which route is right for your business.

A refresh breathes life into your current branding. Think of aspects that refine or elevate your brand without a drastic change. This can look like tweaking your current logo, updating your color palette and typography, creating a new slogan or tagline, and refreshing your marketing materials. A brand refresh is recommended every 2-3 years to ensure your brand stays current and reflects changes made internally and externally.

A rebrand is a much larger undertaking than a refresh and often occurs when your current branding has been unsuccessful or no longer speaks to your ideal consumers. Recommended every 7-10 years, a rebrand can include a new logo, new color palette, new typography, or a shift in your current products or services. Think of this as an overhaul of your entire brand.

Both paths can help grow your business, but it’s important to be thoughtful about which is the correct option for you. There is a big difference between giving your brand a makeover or starting from scratch. If you’re ready to explore transforming your brand, our team can help determine which plan of action is necessary to improve your strategy and, ultimately, increase ROI.  Begin your complimentary consultation: https://kō