Digital advertising is everywhere. From the articles you read to your social media scrolling, these ads are a subconscious part of our everyday lives. It’s no secret that humans are consuming far more digital advertising than they used to. “In the United States, the average screen time is nearly 7 hours per day.” [TechJury] This is where Meta (previously known as Facebook) advertising comes in. One of the most sophisticated platforms in the digital space, we’re sharing some frequently asked Meta advertising questions below.

Q: Where are Meta ads hitting my audience?

A: This is one of our favorite questions. Due to the ads being scheduled through the Meta platform, many believe that the ads are only on social media. This is not actually the case! While Meta digital ads do appear in social media feeds + stories, they also reach your specific audience anywhere they are spending time online. From a news article to a cookie recipe, Meta reaches people through their premium ad space within their audience network.

Q: What stage of the marketing funnel do Meta digital ads support?

A: Short answer, all of them! Digital advertising has the capability to directly impact every stage of the marketing funnel through targeted, triggered ad campaigns. Meta allows you to select a specific goal for each campaign, so you control which piece of the funnel you’re impacting.

Q: Who do Meta digital ads target?

A: Meta digital ads target potential new customers based on location, behavior, interests, and other demographics along with anyone who has already shown an interest in your business or closely matches those who do. Within the campaign, you’ll be able to choose targeting options including addresses, activities, age, and more.

Q: Are there any restrictions on which businesses can use Meta digital advertising?

A: Yes. Credit, employment, housing, social issues, elections, or politics are considered “Special Ad Categories” and can limit customization options due to discrimination policies. This doesn’t mean you can’t advertise on this platform; it will just be a broader reach. Any illegal products or services are restricted from any advertising on Meta.

Q: Who should be using Meta digital advertising?

A: From small businesses to large corporations, Meta digital ads can be a strong piece of an overall marketing strategy. As the most sophisticated marketing platform available today, Meta ads are proven to increase sales, leads, brand awareness, and more depending on your specific business goals. From engagement to conversion, you control what customer actions you’re spending your budget on.

Q: How much do I need to spend?

A: Meta will provide recommendations and requirements on budget, but it’s not nearly as expensive as one may think. You have the option of either a lifetime or daily budget, which you control. To ensure your ad campaigns are effective with your set budget, you can manipulate factors like audience size, placement, timeline, and more to ensure your campaign is still moving the needle.

Meta ads are an important piece of any integrated marketing mix. When incorporated correctly with marketing on social media, blogs, email campaigns, and more, Meta advertising can help you reach your ideal target market, hit goals, drive ROI, and provide essential analytics to help your business scale and grow.