As a local entrepreneur and founder of Hospitality Ventures, Cate DeBates stays busy in the Greater Mankato community. From creating Arch + Cable, a boutique hotel experience from the ground up, to volunteering her time with the MN Chamber of Commerce and in the local area, her insight into personal and professional success is invaluable.

What is your mantra? “Share all the credit and accept all the blame.” I think in business and in life, so much time is wasted on discovering who made a mistake. I think true leaders own it and find solutions, so mistakes aren’t repeated. I also believe success doesn’t happen in a vacuum… there’s usually more than one person behind all jobs well done. Sharing the credit is essential for building a team and creating loyalty.

What was the best business advice you’ve ever received?  If fear is the only thing holding you back, you have to go for it. Risk-taking does not come easily to me, but I’m surrounded by it. Some of my most significant accomplishments have come from taking a chance — whether it’s an investment property, cold calling a client, or starting a boutique hotel business. You are the company you keep — so surround yourself with people who challenge and push you to do great things.

Do you think self-care is important? How do you practice self-care?  I think I probably practice self-indulgence more than self-care (retail therapy, anyone?), but I recently have learned the value of knowing yourself and knowing what you need to recharge. I am an introvert who plays an extrovert in daily life. By that, I mean I need moments to slip away and be still in order to recharge my batteries to show up for others each day.